Gain customer loyalty.

Creating loyal customers is different from creating repeat sales. Just because someone consistently requires your service or product does not make them loyal. It could be your price, convenience, time of delivery or just plain old habit. Loyalty, on the other hand, is when an existing client decides to do business with you even when there is someone else who is cheaper, more convenient, better delivery or even better timing. Let’s talk about creating loyalty.’

Loyalty is an emotional dimension of mind. Behaviour and decision making is influenced by the same part of the brain that influences emotions and feelings. The part of the brain that deals with logic and reason have nothing to do with behavior, hence one’s decision to stick with one company when there is immense logical evidence that they would rather use another one, which is probably more capable has to do more with the client more than the service provider.The burning question would be, how do I make my existing clients loyal to my brand/products / services?
This though it has a lot to do with the client mindset, your major part as a service provider or a brand is to clearly and deliberately communicate an honest sense of your existence. Your beliefs about the world will connect with others that share the same beliefs and purpose. Living in a world where people are no longer bound by color, birthplace or traditional background but pockets of interest and tribes of beliefs, you can reach out to your specific crowd through the right communication.
It is clearly irrational for someone to tattoo the logo of a Harley-Davidson on their body, yet there is so many of these people some who might never own a Harley. It is a symbol of belief, they identify as independents in a world of conformity. Members of the rugged open-road.
People in Africa would rather buy an overpriced Timberland shoe because it identifies with the black community even though there are many equally durable and well-designed boots which cost much less.
Apple has such loyal subjects even though a windows machine (Dell) with equal specs costs 40% less. Apple subject identify with the creativity and that is no coincidence but marketing and good communication put into play. Your belief is a flag that loyal soldiers (your clients) follow into battle, no matter the cost (maybe paying 40% more).
Loyalty starts with you understanding your organization’s beliefs, communicating them clearly and then people who share these same beliefs will put all kinds of offers to do business with you. It is not about having the best products or service, yes it has to be good but not necessarily the best in the industry. Remember loyalty is emotional and not rational.
Never stray from doing what you believe, the problem is not prostituting clients but no one really knows what to believe anymore. Authenticity is when you stick to what you believe, be authentic.
Ask yourself these questions, write them on the wall. What do we believe? Why was this company started? Why does it exist? What do we stand for? Who do we serve? What do we want to achieve ultimately?

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